Ps Will & Alicia Smith

Will & Alicia Smith have a passion to see people connected to God and each other through authentic relationships, discovery of purpose and a pathway of character development in a Spirit-filled context.

“Will & Alicia Smith are very excited to carry on from Pastors Millin and Leanne who had been spiritual leaders since 2001. Honouring the foundation that has been set by their predecessors our new Pastors continue the vision to see our community positively influenced. With 3 of their own children there is a clear focus on family life and connectedness. Will has a variety of experiences brought from the business world that he applies to practical living and continues to operate a business and Alicia is the anchor and glue that keeps everything together.

Come and say hi, we’d love to hear your story and where God is leading you.”


What We Believe

The life changing power of Jesus and His sacrifice for us on the cross. The reverence, authority and victory found in God’s Word for everyone’s life situation. The real and present power of the Holy Spirit to lead, strengthen and equip every person for their divine destiny The plan of salvation for every person and the incredible love, fulfilment and joy found in being an active part of God’s family – The local church! Our full statement of faith can be found at


Our Mission is to ‘Honour God, Live our Destiny and Impact our Community’. Honouring God brings an ‘inside out’ transformation of our character that affects our whole life, positioning us to live our destiny and influence our world with the Spirit of Life!


Our Vision, ‘connecting people to God & each other’ happens through discipleship. Discipleship is relationship – ‘reaching up and reaching out’; a lifestyle of discipling others while being discipled ourselves. We fulfil the Great Commission to ‘Go and make disciples … ‘ (Matt 28:18-20) in the spirit of the New Commandment, ‘love one another as I have loved you …’ (John 13:34-35) Connect Church is a Christian Outreach Centre.


Progress + Prosperity We are generous people who honour God in our finances and look for opportunities to bless Relationships We connect people to God and others through hospitality and community Accountability We become the change we want to see in our world Creativity We express ideas, imagination and life with excellence and passion Training We empower people into destiny in a Word-based, prayer-powered environment Integrity We serve God and others with lives above reproach Character We demonstrate purpose over preference and commitment over convenience Engaging the Lost We impact our community and the nations of the world with unconditional love in action

Giving Details

EFTPOS facilities are available at Connect Church or Via direct debit. (BSB: 034 611 Account Number: 250 290).