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Church Updates 28th March 2020 – COVID19 Impact

Video Transcript:

Will: Hey there Connect, pastors Will and Alicia and were doing this little video just today to give you guys a bit of an idea on how we’re doing connection at the moment.

Alicia: So tomorrow [29th March], on Sundays we can’t have you guys here, but we get to come to you in your own home. So at 9:30am we will be live streaming the church service for you guys. Isn’t it fantastic we can still do community even at a distance even from that distance as well.

Will: Great! And so there’s heaps of ways we can do that. One of the ways is we are really big on Connect Groups, so we’ve shifted them to an online platform as well to make sure we’re maintaining that connectiveness which is so important right now. Maybe you’ve not been part of a connect group before, jump on now, send us your details, we’ll make sure you have all you need to be part of that community. All you need is an internet connection an a device, be it your phone or a laptop and you can be part of that really simply. But what you can do in a real easy way is join us live for our services. Like Alicia said, gates are locked on Sundays, we’re not allowed to let you guys come in and do church here so we’re doing church live at home in the comfort of your own pyjamas. So what we’re doing is putting a link under the video () or we’ve got a brand new website going live today which we’re super exited about and you can simply click on Watch Live there and pick it up and we’ll make sure we stream that just before 9:30 so that everything runs really easy and well for you. We’d love for you to join us make sure you tell your friends and family to go to church with you tomorrow and they don’t even have to worry about traffic.

So, make sure you still be the church, stay connected and let’s be the light in this community that it is desperately needing right now. We’re looking forward to talking to you guys real soon. See you Connect.

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