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Church Update 20th March 2020 – COVID19 Impact

Video Transcript

Will: Hey Connect, just got back from the church, had a couple of guys helping out. Really really excited about this sunday [22nd March] yes we have heard the news from our Prime Minister Scott Morrison in regards to group gatherings. It means that we understand our restrictions in how many we can fit inside our auditorium, we have made space, we have room. If you are wanting to come along on Sunday [22nd March], we’ve planned especially for you. there’s space inside for those who get along early, we’ve recreated the outdoor area, we have a live feed with an extra large telly, also if you are wanting to join us at home we have a tinyurl (, you can click in on that and join us, you’ll only be about 30 seconds behind the rest of us. If you have a niggly cough or something else going you can still be part of the community with Connect Church.

Kids we’ve thought of you as well, we have special program developed just for you.

However you want to connect with us this Sunday, in person or from home. We’re just praying you’ll have a phenomenal weekend that you’re set for your week ahead. We’re still believing for great breakthroughs, we’re believing for healings, prosperity and financial breakthrough. We’re still preaching around stewardship, so make sure you’re getting ready for that faith seed offering. I’m really really excited to see you guys one way or another this sunday, we’ll see you soon.

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